Will Freyman


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Goldberg Lab at UMN. My research interests revolve around empirical and theoretical aspects of computational phylogenetics, evolutionary genomics, and biodiversity informatics.

Computational phylogenetics and modeling

I've implemented ancestral state reconstruction and stochastic character mapping functionality in the RevBayes project. In RevBayes I've also worked on state-dependent speciation and extinction models of discrete character evolution. I'm broadly interested in mathematical models of evolution and applying them with Bayesian inference.

Evolutionary genomics

Currently, I'm using phylogenomic approaches to study reticulate evolution in Chylismia (Onagraceae). I'm applying Chylismia data and simulations to test a composite likelihood approach I've developed that infers ancient introgression and hybridization events over phylogenies using coalescent probabilities.

Biodiversity informatics

At UC Berkeley I've been part of the California Phylodiversity Project. Previously, working with non-profit and volunteer conservation groups, I developed open source web-based tools to help manage and assess conservation projects. I'm interested in building tools that visualize biodiversity data and help make conservation management more collaborative and transparent. Can we build useful tools for conservationists that incorporate metrics of phylogenetic diversity?